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Pictures of Herbststurm 2015

Mytherine Live @ Herbststurm in LübbenauWe added a few pictures of our last gig @ Herbststurm in Lübbenau together with Surtur’s Lohe and Fimbulvet. Nice evening, great bands and a location (Kulturhof Lübbenau) where we will return to for sure.

“Dawn Of A New Era” Release

Dawn Of A New Era Cover ArtworkThere it is, as promised and in time, the release of our debut album “Dawn Of A New Era”! In addition to this awesome event for us we’ve redesigned our website and added a rough and easy way to order our first merch – including that sweet cd mentioned. You can either order the cd, our first t-shirt/girlie “The Storm” or even both in a bundle. We are proud and we are motivated as hell so expect a lot more of us to come in the near future! Myths and legends do not die, they only get company.

Band-contest voting

Frostfeuernächte 2016 VotingTo participate at the Frostfeuernächte 2016 we joined their official voting and we are currently leading because of your support! Still we believe that these numbers will change until the voting’s deadline at Xmas. That’s why we ask you once more to vote for us and tell your mates to do the same by sharing this post so we can participate at the band-contest in february 2016 in Heidesee. Thank you!!

2nd SaFo charity concert

2nd SaFo charity concert flyer The SaFo’s 2nd charity concert will be on October 10th. Together with Sinworks, Desolated and Brutal Kraut we will not only rock the stage but donate the whole admission to Ottokar Kinderverein e.V. that supports children in need.

Recordings update

We are making really good progress recording our first album Dawn Of A New Era at Winter Solitude studios. Last weekend Rave Tongue spent most of the time getting the vocal tracks for 7 out of 9 songs recorded. The tracks for the 2 remaining songs will be recorded next weekend. Stay tuned for further updates!